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United Diver of New Hampshire

Club Constitution


Article I - Name


The name shall be United Divers of N. H.




Article II - Purpose


The purpose and objectives of the club shall be to educate, promote and encourage the interest of skin and scuba diving in a safe and organized manner.



Article III - Membership


Section I:     Any individual interested in skin and scuba diving and willing to abide by the club constitution and by-laws may apply for membership.  The club shall have four types of membership as follows:


(A)  ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: This type of membership shall be open only to certified divers.  Active members who miss 3 consecutive meetings shall be automatically classified as inactive members until they attend 3 consecutive meetings.


(B)  INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP:     This type of membership shall be open to certified divers that fail to meet their attendance quota as specified in part A above.


(C) HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Any individual may be elected to an honorary membership upon recommendation of the Board of Directors and a majority vote of a quorum of the active membership.  These members shall not pay dues, and not hold any elective or appointed office and are not entitled to any voting rights.


(D)  NONDIVING MEMBERSHIP:   This type of membership is open to non-certified divers. They may vote on all club issues and enjoy full membership privileges.  (Voted 2-4-80)


Section II.   Membership in this club may be revoked upon recommendation by the Board of Directors and a majority vote of a quorum of the active membership, for those members who WILLFULLY use unlawful conduct in regards to this constitution or the club by-laws or who WILLFULLY commit other offenses which tend to bring the club into disrepute.


Members who are delinquent in their dues shall be automatically dropped for the club roster.


Section III:   All members must sign a waiver of release agreeing not to hold the club nor any other affiliated organization responsible for any accidents or other misfortunes which might occur to them while participating in club activities.



Article IV - Dues


Yearly Dues shall be in the amount established by a majority vote of a quorum of the active members at the fist regular business meeting of each calendar year.  Dues for members joining during the year, shall be on a yearly basis. Both active and inactive members shall pay dues and there shall be no distinction between these amounts.



Article V - Meetings


The club shall have two types of meetings as follows:


Section I: Regular Meetings: Regular meetings shall be on the first and third Monday of each month.  The time and place for each meeting shall be designated by the Board of Directors at the previous regular meeting.  The order of business at all regular meetings shall be:


(A)  Call to order

(B)  Roll Call

(C)  Minutes

(D)  Report of Officers (Pres, V.P., Sec, Tres, DM)

(E)  Report of committees

(F)  Unfinished business

(G)  New business

(H)  Adjournments

(I)  Program (if appropriate)


Section II. Special Meetings:     Special Meetings may be called at any time by the Board of Directors or by a petition of 25% of the total number of active members providing the time, place and purpose of the meeting shall be mailed to every member at least ten days in advance of the meeting.  Only business stated in the mailed card (the meeting's purpose) may be considered at the special meeting. Special meetings may not be used to amend this constitution.



Article VI - Officers and Duties


This club shall elect the following officers by a majority vote of a quorum of the active members at the last regular meeting of each calendar year, and each officer shall perform the duties herein ascribed to his office:


Section I:     President: To preside at all meetings, to act as official spokesman for the club, to be empowered to sign all necessary documents in the name of the club when so directed by the Board of Directors or the Membership, to appoint all necessary committees and to coordinate all club activities.


Section II: Vice President:   To act as assistant to the President and to preside in the absence of the President, and when so acting to have full authority of the President.


Section III: Secretary: To record the minutes off all meetings, to be responsible for all club correspondence, to call and maintain the roll at all meetings, to maintain the club membership roster.


Section IV Treasurer:   To collect all moneys for the club, to disperse funds as directed by the board of Directors, to keep record of all transactions and deliver a report of same at all regular meetings, to keep a record of all paid members and work with the secretary in the maintaining the membership roster, to be responsible for all club property.


Section V: Divemaster: To preside at all in-water activities and over dive site selection.  Divemaster shall be a certified Divemaster.  (Voted 2/4/80)  On a majority vote on 11/16/81 it was voted that a one year trial period be established to allow a certified advanced diver to hold the office of Divemaster. This is a trial for one year and must be voted again at the end of 1982


Section VI Board of Directors:     Shall consist of the 4 elected officers plus Divemaster and Assistant, elected by and from the active membership.


In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President, Vice President shall automatically assume the presidency.  In the vent of a vacancy in any other elected office, the President shall appoint a temporary replacement to serve until the next regular meeting at which time a quorum of the active membership shall elect a regular replacement by a majority vote.



Article VII - Quorum


For the purposes of conducting club business by the membership, a quorum shall consist of a majority of the active membership.  For the purpose of decision making by the Board of Directors, a quorum shall consist of a majority of the board members.


There shall be no voting by proxy on any club business. For the purpose of accounting the fiscal year shall be the calendar year.



Article VIII - Committees


Committees of this club shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Membership on all committees shall be appointed by the President, and any appointment may be revoked at any time by the President.



Article IX - Public Symbol


The symbol officially recognized by this club for use on the club flag, seal, decals jackets, stationary and other media of public display shall be:



 Article X - Incorporation


This club shall be incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of New Hampshire, and all its activities shall be of a non-profit nature. No elected officer shall receive payment for his time and or effort as a club official.  (Note: "payment" shall not be interpreted as meaning "reimbursement" for legitimate expenses incurred by an official on behalf of the club.)


Article XI - Property


The club may purchase, hold, lease, rent or sell whatever types of property it deems necessary to carry out its stated purpose. It may incur indebtedness if necessary, proving the amount of indebtedness does not exceed the cash funds combined with the property value which the club possesses at the time of indebtedness.



Article XII - Amendments


Article I through XII  shall be deemed in the nature of a constitution and may be amended only by a 3/4 majority vote of a quorum of the regular members, providing such a vote be taken at a regular meeting, and further that all proposed amendments have been announced at the preceding regular meeting.  This constitution may be supplemented by whatever by-laws a majority vote of a quorum of the active members shall decide upon, proving they are not in conflict with this constitution.


Amendment to Article XI - Property


Roneo Model 350 Stencilgraph with graphes accessory kit and repair tool kit. The operation of the stencilgraph will be contained to the Board of Directors.  Club members may have printing performed at an expense including cost of materials and rental of equipment.


Amendment to Article VI - Officers



An annual report of all club moneys and properties shall be prepared at the end of every fiscal year.  Each member shall receive a copy of the annual report.


Amendment to Article III

Voted 8/20/87

 Recorded by Leander Nichols        


A person shall be eligible to vote if he has paid his dues prior to the day the voting is to take place.


Amendment to Article VII

Voted 10/19/87

 Recorded by Leander Nichols        


A person may vote by proxy at the annual election of officers by obtaining an absentee ballot from the Secretary. The ballot must be delivered to the Secretary prior to the day of the election.

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